Safety is more than a priority, it’s ingrained into our culture.

Safety is the most important factor of any oilfield project and we ensure all the proper certifications and procedures are met. You can depend on Peyasew to always make safety a priority.

Performing all tasks with the highest form of safety.

At Peyasew, we believe that if a job isn’t done safely, it isn’t done right. We maintain an excellent safety record and provide thorough and ongoing training to all our employees. Upon orientation, each of our employees is trained in our health and safety, preventative maintenance, environmental, inspection & monitoring, workplace violence & harassment, PPE, close call investigation, and substance abuse policies. Additionally, we ensure all our employees are up to date in the required safety certificates.

While we make sure our employees are fully trained and certified, we also ensure that our equipment follows the same diligence. This includes performing preventative maintenance and performance tests. Any machinery that needs to be serviced will be done by qualified personnel.

Our Safety Certificates:

Peyasew is COR Certified and fully ISNetworld compliant.

Online Staff Orientation

For online orientation and training please obtain your username and password from the office staff. Click on “Access Online Training” to get started.

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