Our Company

We’re a proud company of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

Peyasew is 100% aboriginally owned and operated within the Saddle Lake Cree Nation. Within our company, we pride ourselves in preserving and honouring First Nation culture and ideologies.

Nicholas Giant

General Manager

Born and raised in the region, Peyasew’s Managing Director brings a unique perspective to both the company and the business life of Northern Alberta. With more than twenty years’ experience in construction and fluid hauling, Nicholas understands the oilfield intimately. He also has a deep and profound understanding of Indigenous culture.

A proud member of the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, Nicholas is a keen advocate of traditional culture and increased awareness of Aboriginal heritage. He works with communities, youth, and industry to help bring this awareness to everyone. His primary focus is on drumming, singing, and dance. He sees the beat of the drum as the heartbeat of the Earth, as the voice of humanity, as a connection between us all.

Nicholas believes that Peyasew must conduct itself in a way that reflects traditional values. “Those values have supported us for centuries,” Nicholas says, “and if we apply them in business, they will support us far into the future.”