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Reclamation in the oilfield refers to the process of restoring land and ecosystems that have been disrupted or altered by oil and gas operations. It involves the cleanup and rehabilitation of areas that have been used for drilling, extraction, pipelines, or other oil and gas activities.

The oil and gas industry, like any other extractive industry, poses significant environmental challenges. Exploration and production can lead to the disturbance of vast areas of land, habitat fragmentation, soil erosion, and contamination of water sources. However, the industry is increasingly recognizing the importance of reclamation and implementing practices to mitigate its impact on the environment.

Remediation and Reclamation


The need for oilfield remediation arises from the environmental and ecosystem damage caused by oil extraction. When oil spills occur, they can cause significant harm to aquatic life, plants, and soil. The spilled oil can contaminate water sources, harm wildlife, and have long-term effects on the ecosystem’s balance.

Our Remediation and Reclamation Services

Peyasew’s Remediation and Reclamation services are industry-leading solutions designed to address environmental concerns and restore the health and sustainability of natural resources.

Our team of experts at Peyasew understands the importance of environmental remediation and reclamation in today’s world. We are committed to providing comprehensive services that not only mitigate environmental damage but also aim to restore ecosystems to their natural state.

Using state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, we develop customized remediation strategies tailored to each unique situation. Our goal is to effectively remove or minimize pollutants from the environment, preventing further damage and contamination.

In addition to remediation, our reclamation services aim to restore the affected areas to their original conditions or promote their ecological transformation. This involves activities like land re-contouring, soil amendment, erosion control, and reestablishment of native vegetation.

Whether you require assistance with contaminated site cleanup, ecological restoration, or long-term management of rehabilitated areas, Peyasew is your trusted partner. We are committed to providing reliable and effective solutions that not only restore impacted areas but also contribute to the overall sustainability and well-being of communities and ecosystems.

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Remediation and Reclamation Services in Alberta

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