Oilfield Services

Hydrovac Services Truck

Hydrovac Services

Peyasew hydrovac trucks are great for exposing or laying new underground pipelines. They are perfect for slot trenching without damaging or affecting underground utilities that are already there. Our Hydrovac services in Saddle Lake, Alberta will break down and excavate your toughest terrain for your oilfield project. Our trucks use pressurized water to break down dirt and soil and then vacuum it up on the go. This service is great for a quick and clean, mess-free job.

Our non-evasive and non-destructive hydrovac process makes it the best choice to keep your site moving efficiently.

Hydrovac Services Truck

Site Development & Maintenance

Starting a new oilfield project or looking for a reliable maintenance crew? We help with site development for projects such as oil wells and pipelines. With everything we construct, we offer preventative maintenance to improve the longevity and performance of oilfield machinery. 

We work closely with you to ensure proper site development and maintenance requirements are met. This means keeping track of costs, providing project reports, and most importantly, performing all tasks safely.

Remediation & Reclamation

First off, what is reclamation and remediation? Remediation is the process of removing contaminants from soil and water that impact the ecosystem of a site while reclamation is the process of returning a site to its original state. What we do during this process may include:

  • soil removal/transportation
  • water treatment
  • constructing the land to bring it back to a habitable state for continuing years

With every oilfield project, there are unique specifications that need to be met. We take this into consideration and plan accordingly. If you have any questions about our remediation and reclamation services, give us a call or shoot us an email.

Pipeline Clearing

Preparing for a new pipeline project takes precision and the right equipment. With that, our operators are fully trained and certified. Our pipeline clearing services include clearing of trees, grubbing, excavation, and more. Peyasew Energy is a trusted company throughout Northeastern Alberta to bring you reliable pipeline clearing services. View below further details on pipeline clearing:

  • We handle clearing and removal of trees
  • Row clearing and chipping
  • Preparing worksite (rig mat placements and transport of machinery)


Rig Mat Services

Rig mats make working on difficult terrain easier for you and your equipment to get around. At Peyasew, we offer sturdy rig mats in a variety of sizes and materials that will get you where you need to go. Once you’ve decided on your rig mats, our trucks will haul them out to the worksite to be placed. Furthermore, we offer cleaning and removal of rig mats. Overall, our rig mat services include:

  • Supply
  • Placement
  • Cleaning
  • Transport
  • Removal


General Construction Services

Our general construction services includes ice road construction for winter projects, grading, landscape finishing and more. No matter the project, we aim to make sure that it’s done safely and effectively. With a fleet of 25 vehicles, we’re able to offer a variety of general construction services. Whether it be gravel hauling, tree clearing/trimming, slashing, or burning, we have the proper tools and equipment.

Low-Bed Trucking Services

We offer low-bed trucking services for oilfield, specialized, construction, gravel, and inventory purposes. Getting your equipment to its location safely is our number one priority. To find out more about our low-bed trucking services, give us a call.

Earthworks services

Earthworks Services

Our earthworks services are designed to support the smooth and efficient operations of our clients, while also protecting the environment and meeting regulatory requirements. With our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and steadfast commitment to excellence, we are confident in our ability to handle any earthworks project in the oilfield sector.

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